Tuesday, February 2, 2010

G'day mates,

I have decided I like crocodile better than kangaroo....kind of like chicken, if you must know (the crocodile, that is). I will definitely be buying it again. I had my boring chicken legs on the "barbie" tonight after a run on the beach...a lovely evening with a little more humidity than normal for here. Many people were out enjoying the sand and surf, walking and swimming at the beach.
They actually had predicted rain today, but it never did happen (hopefully tonight). There is a severe water shortage here, though everyone says it's not too bad at the moment. We are allowed to water outside for up to 5 hours/week (because it is not as bad as usual) between certain hours. Everyone has buckets in their showers to save water to use on their gardens....that's what I do. Lucky for me, Jill and Ian are not big gardeners, so I am in charge of watering a few herbs and plants, and a lemon tree out back. Plus, you have to pay for water usage here, and it is not like Thunder Bay ($$). There is a desalinization plant here (as in every major city in Australia) to deal with the shortages.
I still have to get used to drinking much more during the days. I have to get used to carrying a water bottle with me as I move around all day to different classrooms (sorry Ian, but I have already misplaced one water bottle). There are air conditioning units in all the classes, but not all of them work (some are pretty old).
Am finding work to be good...friendly and helpful staff and students that are always keeping me entertained. Tomorrow is a training day for myself and 2 others who are heading up a research project that all senior students have to undertake according to the new curriculum. I will be much more comfortable with that class after tomorrow, as I feel a little like the blind leading the blind with that class at the moment!!
Well, that's all for now....perhaps I will buy some ostrich or something to entertain you with soon!


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  1. Hi Kel, I won't even begin to tell you how envious I am of you right now...thinking how I can plan a trip there for next March..sounds like it will be a blast. Jane and I went for a run tonight dodging traffic, pot holes and ice is everywhere..you get the picture. It was still a good run and always feel better afterwards. Really enjoying your posts. Take care!