Friday, January 29, 2010

It is very hot today by my standard....37 degrees celsius, but if you are near the ocean there is a lovely breeze that cools it down a few degrees. I'm definitely not complaining. Went for dinner last night to Jill's brothers house (Jill and Ian are at my house in T. Bay) along with a few other friends of theirs and had a great time. Everyone has been very hospitable and most are planning future get togethers. This is the "city of festivals" and there are many. March madness is coming up, called that because so much is going on at the same time. There is a music festival (similar to the Winnipeg folk festival) with about 60 groups from around the world (perhaps 1/2 from Oz) and a huge fringe festival with 100's of acts, which covers a few weeks. On top of that there are many other things happening.
Yesterday the end of the school day, the teacher's gathered in the teacher's lounge for thier regular Friday food and drink! We all had either wine or beer (I actually had champagne!) from a fridge in the staff's the regular Friday routine at most schools I hear!
Just got back from Adelaide Central Market (largest food market in Southern Hemisphere) where I bought the most wonderful peaches, cherries, grapes, all locally grown, along with a Kangaroo steak and a crocodile burger (and some boring chicken legs). Am heading off for a swim and BBQ at Jill's other siblings house this arvo (afternoon to you folk)- Ann, Jeff and children. which wine should I bring......
Cheers mates!


  1. sounds like you are settling in fast..glad that you are being so welcomed! Siobhaun

  2. Howdy Mate! Sounds like you are adjusting well! And who wouldn't, with the rays, spirits and friends! Ian, on the other hand, is getting the friends bit, but lacking on the spirits. On Friday he was looking for the "drink" fridge - sadly disappointed that it did not exist. Jill didn't seem to pity him much. Although the sun has returned (it was overcast and "raining" when they arrived last weekend), but they are not liking the bundling of clothing before exiting their home. I think they've experience some "zaps" from electro-static shock! All the fun that comes with cold and dryness! fun here! ha,ha
    Christine, your/their neighbour, and I took the clan out to Wiggles and Giggles yesterday - a much needed ROMP! My niece and her 3 children joined us, and we all had fun. Toured Hillcrest Park - but the brief walk in the COLD (-20 and beyond) sent them running back into the vehicles. I braved it and let Ian drive my car - they will get theirs next week. He did very well - although a few times veered to the left - but I must tell you that I was not nearly as scared as when I am driving with Joe!! They are/will be experiencing many new things - ice! hockey! car ice races! - much like you, but on the opposite end of the temperature grid! (I know you don't pity them!)

    Ian mentioned at our staff meeting that YOU were on the beach and NO one had pity for YOU! But lots of envy! Like a looooooong summer holiday, with some work spattered in there! You luckly bloke (is that for females too?)!

    Did you try out the trampeline?!

    Enjoy! We all miss you,