Friday, January 22, 2010

Auckland and Adelaide via Vancouver

Well, here I sit, blogging at Vancouver airport...a first for me! The wonders of modern technology. I am 16 hours into my trip since getting up this morning, and running on one hour of sleep! EXHAUSTED!! This first class business is pretty swanky, I must say. Nibbling on Canada's finest cheesemakers delicacies and have a cheeky little glass of Pinot Gris with it (without even having to pay the nasty $6 for it, and as many refills as you please) is quite lovely...hanging out in the Air Canada lounges on my Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver leg of the trip. I think I could get used to travelling like this! I am now waiting for the Auckland flight and looking forward to a fantastic Air New Zealand dinner accompanied by some amazing New Zealand wine. They have become my favourite airline....great service, food, drink and gotta love those accents. Plus they have the best "air safety" videos that I encourage you all to look up on youtube (you won't regret it, I promise). Finally, I am looking forward to my "pod" which I can supposedly lay down in with a duvet. We will could I possibly get that lucky?!? Oh, what I wouldn't give for a good nights sleep on the plane!
I still am having a hard time believing that I am actually doing this....but I guess I am! The exchange I mean (though I know you all think the blogging, because I am a self-professed technological illiterate!) I will try to figure this all out so future posts have photos, etc.
Well, G'day mates! I will be in touch!

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