Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!!!!
Hey everyone....sorry I haven't been in touch lately, but have been a bit busy. I have been seeing a fellow teacher who is a wonderful man. He started not feeling well about 6 weeks back and after a series of tests, it was decided that he should have his left kidney removed. A good thing too, as he had a cancerous tumour in it which had not spread and was considered to be about the best type to have, if you were to have it. It is a very good prognosis and Stan is now on the mend...the kidney was removed 2 weeks ago and he is still in quite a bit of pain and tires easily, but luckily he was in good shape when it was removed, so he is better off than many.
We are heading off on a road trip tomorrow to Darwin, which should be great...was not sure if it was still on but Stan figures he can recover in a van seat as well, if not better, than in a chair in the living room. We will be covering over 3,000 km and driving through alot of desert. Stan has been as far as Alice Springs and Uluru (Ayers Rock) before so is familiar with 1/2 of the drive. We have a camper van, but are worried about the cold - it has gone down to 1 degree here (it's winter) and lower than that in "Alice". It has been a very cold winter for me, as there is no central heating anywhere, and the school is like ice on cold days. People can't believe how cold I get and have been putting gifts of gloves in my school mailbox...who would have thought that in Australia of all places?!?!?!
Anyhow, we are off tomorrow on an iconic Aussie adventure which takes us from the bottom of Australia to the top end. It is jellyfish season, and the crocs are on the move from all the rain, so we will have to be careful once we get there...lucky you guys who can just jump in Lake Superior or Loon without having to worry about losing your life!! It will be warmer up there in the Tropics though...can't wait. It has been in the low to mid 30's there lately, so we can't wait to get back in to bathing suits, sundresses and shorts.
Will keep you posted on how it goes, now that my time is a bit freed up. Hope you are all well and enjoying the summer.