Monday, February 8, 2010

Ohhhh the heat!

Today is a balmy 38 C with hight than average humidity, so it feels pretty oppressive. Even the students are complaining. I am sitting in my school office, where the air conditioning has been off since last Thursday as work is being done goodness it is HOT!
Since I last blogged I have been up to a few things. I went to a "girl's night" get together Friday evening with friends of Jills, which was at a lovely restaurant in the Adelaide hills. There were about 8 of us and I had a really nice time meeting everyone, though it was hard to chat with all of them as we were at a fairly long table. I am hoping to host an evening in the future so I can get to know them a bit better!
Saturday was spent at a BBQ with all of the new exchange teachers to South Australia, along with returning Australian teachers. That was really nice, especially hearing all of the wonderful stories of the returning teachers. There are quite a few of us that are here on our own, so we have put together a "singles" list, and plan on doing a few things together. The woman who got it going is a retired teacher who just bought a house in the Barossa Valley and was keen on getting us out there for an evening or two! Sounds good to me! I have already booked a March 6th long weekend trip with exchange teachers to Kangaroo Island...they seem like a really great bunch of people.
Sunday, I was up bright and early to meet a sailboat skippered by a fellow teacher. He had invited around 15 of us on board (including children) to take part in a Floatilla for Camp Quality, which raises money for kids who have cancer. It was a great day with about 100 boats taking part (I was on a 40 ft. catamaran) and many spectators. Many of the boats had themes going (Grease, pirates, etc.) and got right into the fun of it. It was a hot day so hanging on the boat from 9am - 6pm was appreciated, although a bit exhausting (the sun, the sun, it burns, it burns) I did use lots of sunscreen and didn't burn, but went through much water and was still dehydrated at the end of it all. After disembarking , I had dinner with the captain and his wife at a riverside restaurant, and literally fell into bed when I got home at 10 pm!! I was exhausted yesterday....this socializing is getting in the way of my sleep, work, health, etc.!!
Yesterday and today, the temperature has climbed above 36 C which means the kiddies go home 45 minutes early, as it is just too hot in the school, even with AC on. I am writing this with sweat trickling down my back at the moment! WE however are staying for a meeting and do not get the same treatment!!


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