Monday, February 8, 2010

fun in the sun

just adding photos now, as I can't figure out how to add properly to posts!!


  1. Nice! Oh, that heat must be a killer!? We couldn't tell you - although here it is above norm temps (warmer than -14)! It has barely snowed since Ian et al have arrived, so they have had little experience with slippery roads (they're cleared) - although they still don't have a vehicle! Poor sods!
    It's winter carnival @ Old Fort this weekend - heard they were going there.
    Ian is definately entertaining the students. They seem to like him. He keeps them chuckling.
    Back to the grind. But I think they've adjusted here! I don't think they're socializing as much as you! Imagine - they wanted to go to Churchill for March Break! Insane! Who knows!

    Glad you have this blog. Miss you and think of you - you poor sole - swimming in the ocean and eating croc! Geez, have a pint for us! Cheers! Erna

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs from Joe.